Proposal Plan

Proposal Plan for Baylor University’s American Sign Language Program.

ASL Immersion Project Plan: Addition of Resources for ASL Classroom

Prepared by: Larry Umberger, ASL Laboratory Assistant – October 21, 2016

Addressed to: Mrs. Lori Wrzesinski, ASL Director Program

Summary of Proposal:

The purpose of this document is to propose the addition of new ASL receptive exercise resources. The plan is to create and develop immersive activities by adding supplemental resources to the classroom integrating technology. Since students typically struggle the most with developing receptive skills, the ASL instructors and I have been discussing this plan regarding how to help students develop their receptive skills efficiently in a timely manner.

Project Plan:

1.  Bring the Deaf Community to the Classroom

The activity plan for the students is to have the Deaf community share their ASL expressions through video conferencing in the classroom. The expressive techniques may be displayed in the form of stories, Deaf jokes, or poems. Students will then have opportunities to communicate with the signers and ask questions. The video conference calls will be recorded and stored online. So that the students can then review the videos and discuss with their classmates. We can reach out to Deaf individuals of all ages to schedule and arrange conference calls.

2. Analysis of Grammatical Elements

Videos of ASL storytelling by local Deaf individuals will be collected. We will edit the videos, and break them into parts to categorize the ASL grammatical elements. For their assignments, the students will view the videos, study, and identify the elements of ASL. These elements may include non-manual markers, eye gaze, classifiers, transitions, contrastive structure, use of space, role shifting, directional verbs, etc.. The videos will be placed in online storage, such as Box.

3. Supplement the “Signing Naturally” Curriculum

Supplemental packet will be created along with the lessons in the Signing Naturally curriculum. We will create worksheets for students and videos of the ASL instructors signing. Videotaping and editing assignment will be required. With the packets, the students will work on their receptive skills by watching the videos and answering questions. The packets will most likely be placed in online storage. They may work on them at home or in the ASL lab on their own time and ask any questions about them in the classroom. Supplementing the curriculum’s initial videos with additional signers will foster the development of students’ receptive skills. Each ASL user has a unique way of signing, and having various signers in the videos will help students learn how to recognize and understand various signing styles. In addition, since students will likely change instructors in the next level ASL class, this will allow them to become familiar with all of the instructors’ signing styles through the supplemental videos.

4. Student Assessment Practice Tests

An online Video Recording tool called GoReact ( is highly recommended for the instructors and students to use. It offers visual ways to provide feedback, and provides storage space for teachers to upload exercises, video presentations/lectures, assignment instructions, rubrics, etc. This implementation can help students achieve improved their receptive skills.

 Transforming the College ASL Classroom

My Literature Review

My Implementation Outline





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