ASL Classroom Supplemental Plan Outline

I. The Issue

ASL Immersion Project: To develop new ASL receptive resources; to create immersive activities by adding supplemental resources to the classroom integrative technologies. Students typically struggle with developing receptive skills and this plan seeks to help them develop this skill efficiently in a timely manner. Please visit my proposal plan to find suggestions that create the necessary supplemental resources.

II. Blended Learning Strategy

Blended Learning is the practice of combining traditional classroom teaching with digital and online resources to create an environment that enhances students’ engagement with the class. Please see the literature review I developed of the research supporting this new approach to learning.

III.  Prerequisites

a. Form Team of ASL Instructors

i. Schedule weekly ASL meetings for discussion and review.

b. Equipment available

i. Three portable hard drive camcorders and tripods.

ii. Provide different positions for shooting.

a. Available in the department for faculty use.

iii. Two computer monitors for video editing.

a. Available in the department for faculty use.

c. Online Storage Data

i. All created resources will be fully digital.

a. The university provides unlimited online storage space for faculty.

IV. Multiplicity Classroom Resources

a. Curriculum Supplement

b. Interactive Learning with Native Signers

c. Interactive Classroom Activity

V. Classroom Resources Development Planning Phases/steps

a. Curriculum Supplements

i. Evaluate and review the Naturally Signing Curriculum lessons.

ii. Draft the supplemental videos.

iii. Record and edit the instructors’ signing.

iv.  Create student worksheet packets corresponding to the videos.

v.  Create online file storage for the videos and worksheet packets.

vi. Allows students access to the work online anytime, anywhere.

vii. Allow students to ask any questions regarding the video or packet in the classroom.

viii. Instructors review students’ completed worksheets.

b. Interactive Learning with Native Signers

i. Create objectives of what information to collect from native signers.

ii. Contact and select Deaf native signers.

iii. Create questions for students to ask the native signers.

iv. Set up the conferencing online for conversation between with native signers and classroom.

v. Assess the recording of the students’ retelling stories regarding native signers.

c. Interactive Classroom Activity

i. Gather a group of Deaf signers and videotape them signing their life story or bio.

ii. Edit and create the video file of each native signer’s story.

iii. Create online file storage for the videos.

iv. Create multi-assignments with each category of the ASL elements.

v. Create rubrics to evaluate assignments.

vi. A group of three students to view the video with their devices in the classroom and work on the assignment.

vii. The students then will rotate the assignments and correct or make additions on the assignments and continue rotation with the next assignment.

viii. The instructor collects and check the assignments and will then give the class reviews.

IV. Timeline

a. Project plan will take 1 ½ – 2 years to fully implement.

V. Continuous improvement

a.  Provide survey

Transforming the College ASL Classroom

My Proposal Plan

My Literature Review


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