Creating a Positive Classroom Learning Environment


As I mentioned in the video above, I want to create and facilitate a constructivist-learning environment to provide real-world settings, experiences and interactions, and an overview of diversity awareness to allow my students to feel more immersed in the classroom. Earlier I wrote a proposal explaining that an environment that increases learner engagement can be achieved by creating interactive learning and supplements, and by fully integrating technology into the classroom.

This will allow our second language learners to have the opportunity for their hard work to impact the real world. Students learning their second language can learn more as a group about the language and culture. Participating in social networks or sharing resources can extend the learning environment and supplement the learning process further.

To aid people to think broadly and to be willing to share their ideas, I will collect and share research evidence and literature reviews regarding different efficient learning approaches where they can see how to be progressive and open to new behaviors outside of traditional learning, and discover what may best fit the apparent needs of their students.

Indeed, I have support from the program director and my colleagues, as they are eager to see our program succeed at better constructing a new learning environment classroom by motivating the students to learn the second language completely.



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