Collaborative Conversations for Change


The video above entails how to improve and maintain crucial conservations confronting resistances, reactions, and vulnerabilities. To develop my self-differentiated leadership qualities, I read through the book, Crucial Conversations, which gives methodology about how to secure a safe meeting environment and facilitate conversations with colleagues. Additionally, it discusses how to create open dialogues with teams about maintaining and reaching goals. I am learning the supportive keys, to settle any possible tough situations and conversations, to step off without hindering any difficult criticisms. By building a team with our hearts where all of our diverse backgrounds and experiences and different perspectives will be respected and valued, we will be able to feel at ease to share our ideas, views, goals, feedback.

As soon as I personally build my strengths and feel fulfilled with my leadership skills I will be well prepared for any challenge conversations regarding the plan of change, my innovation plan. I would go ahead and launch my developing implements of why statement, literature review, Influencer strategy and 4DX model for your consideration if you’d like to share it.


Camp, J. (2010, November 10). Friedman’s Theory of Differentiated Leadership
Made Simple. [YouTubeVideo].
Retrieved from

Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2012). Crucial Conversations:
Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Columbus, OH: McGraw Hill.


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