Professional Learning Outline for Transforming our ASL Classroom

Printable Outline

The instructional design of Professional Learning (PL) using Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG) and the 3 Column Table is in progress; below is an explanation and outline of what our alternative professional learning will do and contain.

I applied Gulamhussein’s 5 Principles of Effective Professional Development, Duration, Ongoing support, Active learning, Modeling, and Specific- discipline, to support expanding ideas to design the PL outline. In the process, I recognized the bigger picture with all of the components: the learning objective.

Rebooting our professional development is our need to reinforce our effectiveness by adding new developments to the ASL classroom, creating a more effective learning environment, and mastering our new teaching strategy in order to engage our college students to learn the second language completely.

Creating with a productive and collaborative team is essential to growing the team’s success. The collaboration-team for this PL will be comprised of a group of six including the ASL director, four ASL instructors, and the laboratory assistant. Beginning with ASL level II, the team will design and enhance the ASL classroom curriculum, focusing on the supplementing the lessons.

Building our healthy and supportive team collaboration, the team will communicate and share their teaching experiences and goals through the online platform, a video network of sign language or peer group meetings, and provide each other with constructive feedback as peer coaching through an online video recording tool.

I call this new learning environment for the ASL classroom a constructivism based blended learning model as it combines aspects of each plan, including mini-lesson lectures, functional video resources, guided hands-on interactive learning, group/support discussion, and practices engaging students to actively and mentally participate in their work as part of our new teaching strategy.

Listed below are the resources we will have for the PL.

The director and I will partly facilitate the implements for productive discussions and modules for peer collaboration from August 21 – May 11, 2018.

PL outline:


  • Various peer collaboration sessions
  • Collaborative practice actions

Ongoing support

  • Team interaction
  • Peer learning
  • Peer coaching

Active learning

  • Record lessons
  • Self-reflection
  • Video observations
  • Participate in specific topic workshops


  • Demonstration video clips
  • Interactive model
  • Student feedback


  • Increase content knowledge and attentiveness of constructivist learning and blended learning models
  • Adapt teaching strategies to student needs in higher education
  • Develop supplemental resources to curriculums


  • Definitions and reports of Blended and Constructivist Learning
  • Coaching Conversation Planning Guide
  • Cameras/iPad and tripods or IrisConnect equipment with software
  • Box online storage – toolbox kit of lesson recordings and supplementary resources
  • Video self-analysis rubric
  • Instructor Video Success Survey
  • Student survey
  • GoReact app for peer collaborations’ feedbacks,
  • PLC platform The Video Network of Sign Language,

Gulamhussein, Allison. “Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability.” Center for Public Education. Center for Public Education, Sept. 2013.


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