Alternative Professional Learning

As a continuation of the previous promotion video presentation and project overview, the purpose of this plan is to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities for us, the ASL instructor team, to lead a transformation of learning and teaching based on constructivism theory. This would be a blended learning environment in higher education that focuses on students’ involvement to construct the knowledge and increase engagement and learning results through instructions.

Additionally, the references to the literature review and learning theory as assistance for ASL Instructors to understand the role of constructivist facilitation. The 4DX Strategy plan was projected to expand interactive learning to create a partially blended learning environment.

Beyond going to “sit and get” workshops or traditional development professional activities, we feel that the addition of professional series comprising of ten sessions will be effective ongoing learning for us, ASL instructors. These sessions will take place over the course of the ten months, along with self and peer learning activities to create and enrich collaborative teams. There will be effective ongoing learning for us, the ASL instructors. This lifelong learning will allow us to continually keep our skills sharp and up to date putting knowledge to work.

The projected instructional design of Professional Learning (PL) using the 3-column table (Finks) with Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), a vision statement, and an timeline with an illumination of what our alternatives to professional learning will do will be handout at the first sessions, August 22, 2017. There ASL Director and I will present slides below regarding our PL and goals in the first session.


Technology and Resources slides


PL Resources:


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