Action Research Design Outline

The purpose of this action research is to develop an action plan that will improve the use of video in ASL teaching and learning. As a visual language, ASL presents unique challenges for second language learners. Taking this into consideration, ASL teachers should utilize an innovative approach to help students overcome the challenging demands of learning a visual language. My innovation plan was projected to enhance ASL learning of level II and supplement the curriculum creating video resources and a blended learning environment to help college students develop their skills completely efficiently.

Topic of Action Research

‘Assessing College ASL Learning in Blended Learning Environment’

Purpose of study

The purpose of this study is to examine students’ ASL learning in blended learning environment that integrates online learning and face-to-face instruction using innovative learning strategies with their grammatical skills and cultural awareness skills.

Fundamental Research Question

Will college students’ ASL grammar, receptive, expressive, and cultural awareness skills increase in a Blended Learning environment?

Research Design: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Plans

Quantitative survey methods will be used to question the perceptions and satisfaction of undergraduate students in the middle and at the end of ASL level II class. Both electronic will be available and include rating scales, multiple choice and open-ended text. Students will be asked regarding their own benefits and challenges towards activities as learning aids used in the classroom and online learning, which activities have engaged their learning, and to list any more suggestions that can build more engagement.

Qualitative survey methods will include interactive conversations with the students assessing their grammatical and cultural awareness skills prior to and at end of the 15-week classroom, ASL level II.

Literature Review Focus

My literature review will focus on identifying the effectiveness of using innovative strategies in blended ASL classrooms and how instructors incorporate video into learning to enhance the learning environment in higher education effectively.




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