The Entire Course Projects

I am exploring and participating in professional learning, which involves utilizing digital resources and enhancing my processing and leadership skills. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Education: Digital Learning and Leading at Lamar University, Texas. As a teacher, my future goal is to become a digital learning expert with innovation and technology in order to create a classroom completely integrated with technology. With the technology we have today, I believe that educational platforms between students and educators have not yet reached their full potential.

Concepts of Educational Technology


Digital Learning and Leading Self-Assessment

Lesson with Digital Assessment Tool

Disruptive Innovation in Technology

Literature Review I: Enhancements, Innovation Plans: Productive Pedagogies for the American Sign Language Classroom

Proposal Plan

ASL Classroom Supplemental Plan Outline

Transforming the ASL College Classroom

Leading Organization Change

The Why, How and What of Implementing Constructivism in ASL Classroom

Influencing Instructional Change

4DX Strategy Plan for ASL Instructors

Collaborative Conversations for Change

Create Significant Learning Environments

Creating a Positive Classroom Learning Environment

My Learning Theory

A Passage in Backward Design & Design a Successful Language Learning Environment

Creating Significant Learning Experiences and Growth Mindset in the ASL Classroom

Digital Learn Global Context

Literature Review II: Enhancing ASL Learning with Video Technological Supplements

Emerging Education Video Technologies

Enhancing ASL Learning with Video Technological Supplements

Assess Digital Learning Instruction

Action Research Design Outline

Literature Review III – Action Research: Assessing College ASL Learning in Blended Learning Environment

Action Research Plan: Assessing College ASL Student Learning in a Blended Learning Environment

Digital Tools for College American Sign Language Teaching and Learning

Digital Citizenship

An Allegiance to Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Reflection

Open Internet and Digital Footprint Reflection

Copyright Law Reflection

Cyberbullying Reflection

Reflection on My Digital Citizenship Course

Digital Eye Health

Resources Digital Environments

Designing Digital Resources to Scaffold ASL Learning

Manuscript – publication pending

Instruction Design Online Learning

Instructional Design in Online Learning

Designing ASL Course Part I

Designing ASL Course Part II

Continuing to Design the ASL Blended Course

Redesigning the Existing Courses

Professional Learning and Technology

Promotional Video

Professional Learning Outline for Transforming our ASL Classroom

Alternative Professional Learning

Synthesis of Digital Learning and Leadership 

COVA and CSLE Reflection

My Innovation Project Process

My DLL Journey Infographic

My Digital Learning & Leading Journey