My Development Professional

I am exploring and participating in professional development, which involves utilizing digital resources and enhancing my processing and leadership skills. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Education: Digital Learning and Leading at Lamar University, Texas. As a teacher, my future goal is to become a digital learning expert with innovation and technology in order to create a classroom completely integrated with technology. With the technology we have today, I believe that educational platforms between students and educators have not yet reached their full potential.

 My digital reflection and learning networks are explained in the videos below; these videos contain sign language and audio.

My  Digital Reflection

In the video below, I explain the results of a self-assessment that I took to determine my familiarity with technology. The results indicate that I am quite familiar with equipment and programs including digital cameras, video editing, spreadsheets, databases, and online storage. I also share about my experience using these technologies and my future goals of working with my colleagues and co-instructors to develop learning tools for the curriculum that will benefit students in the classroom.


My Learning Network

The video presentation below is about my learning networks. One of them is with the American Sign Language Teacher Association sharing online information of members forum, academic work, course work, lessons, and different concepts. Another learning network is Deafvideo.TV, where signers can post vlogs about different topics. There I can connect with professionals, ASL educators to share teaching methods and ideas. There’s another learning network I am interested to work on. It’s called IRIS Connect. The software equipment is essentially a tripod with a camera, and it follows the movement of the teacher. After the lesson is completed, the file can be shared electronically and feedback can be given to those all involved. The reason to get involved with these learning networks, is that it is helpful for our American Sign Language students to become proficient in the language, receptively and expressively.


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