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Open Light Night (ASL Poetry)


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Why We Love ASL?



Transforming the College ASL Classroom



National Deaf Awareness Week

September 19 – 23, 2016


Baylor ASL Club



What’s the ultimate classroom technology trend?   By LU


Do you use any tools for the classroom? Click below.

What’s the five Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools?


Why should the educational use of DVDs be discontinued?



Embedded webcams Vs. External webcams


Baylor ASL Club 2016 – 2017


If there are online storage options, why are we still using storage devices?


Question of the Month – Technology

Which do you trust the most – a device storage or storage online?

Storage Wars: Cloud Storage Vs External Hard Drives





What does my office looks like at the workplace, Baylor University? Here’s the image below.

my officeAnother image below is the American Language Sign (ASL) Lab through the window from the office.ASL lab pic3The image below is one of the ASL Lab’s station.ASL lab station 1


Who owns ePortfolios?   

By Larry Umberger (LU)

Anyone who has complete control over their ePortfolio, meaning that they have the ability to make changes, move pages, delete or add pages, and restore or update it, has a full sense of ownership. If an ePortfolio does not have an owner or the person who created the ePortfolio abandoned it, the system would ultimately own the ePortfolio.




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